I’m awkward at introductions. I make a mess of first impressions. But I’m going to try and put that behind me to try my best at explaining what I’m doing here. I finished school last month and finished my exams shortly after. Ever since I have existed in a world of sleeping until the afternoon, walking my nan’s dog (who’s presence we have been graced with for about five weeks now), and napping until dinner time. This miserable existence is occasionally punctuated by trips to Canterbury with friends and attending my youth theatre group, but there’s not much else. I want to do more with my time. I’m looking for a job so that each day won’t feel like a terrible waste and I’m trying my best to make art as often as possible, but I want to do things of note also and I want to have somewhere to collect the memories of these adventures and look back with fondness, or perhaps just as a reminder that I do know how to go out and actually do things. Where better to do that than a blog.

In an age where many will plan journeys purely depending on how many decent photo ops there will be (I am no exception to this, making my life look better than it actually is on Instagram is one of my guilty pleasures), I have decided to take advantage of this vanity and the necessity to write as my excuse for partaking in activities that lend themselves to a few nice snaps. Therefore if I go places with writing about and posting accompanying pictures in mind, I hope to be encouraged to live a more exciting life and spend my long summer doing things. 

In my brain this all makes sense but it is 00:41 and I am in bed about to go to sleep so if this is all incoherent nonsense and I fail to post again please do forgive me.

All the best, Stacy


ps. Just spent 5 minutes googling how to sign off a blog entry before realising how ridiculous I am as a human being.


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