It’s been a while since I started posting in this blog, another one of my hobbies that lasted approximately five minutes. Quite a few things have changed in the last year, a whole bloody lot actually. I’m not quite sure where to start.

The main thing to note is that I’ve completed my first year at uni studying creative writing. If I’m being honest I did focus less on the academic side of my year and instead convinced myself that making friends and memories is more important. Anyway, you only need 40% to pass first year right? Fortunately, this mentality didn’t screw me over too much, as I’ve managed to get through all of my assignments with results I’m proud of. I’m actually finding it hard to get to grips with the fact that in less than a month I’ll be moving into the house I’m living in for second year.

For now I’m in the same position as I was when I started this blog, trying to fill my summer with adventures to kill all of this spare time on my hands, as well as searching for jobs. One thing which will (hopefully) aid me in both of these is the fact that I finally have my car insured and on the road. I’ve been a driver for a grand total of 4 days now and already never want to set foot in the tiny train station in my village ever again.

Another topic which I’ve posted about here before is art. I’m still struggling to find my style but I think I might be getting there? I want to start posting art updates here, maybe some sketchbook tours? We’ll see how far I get.

Maybe see u again this time Summer 2018 xo


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